The HCG Diet Food List in Detail

hcg diet foodThe human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet has a very specific list of foods that must be used when preparing meals, and the first HCG diet food list was described by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons in “Pounds and Inches” in 1954. These foods were selected by Dr. Simeons based on their ability to assist with weight loss and not cause any interference with the hormone. The list was also selected based on a maximum daily limit of 500 calories, and many of the foods on the list are low in calories compared to their serving size. Most of the allowable foods are fruits and vegetables but there is also a large list of low fat protein choices. Carbohydrates are limited to two options: Grissini breadsticks or Melba toasts, both of which are low in calories per serving.

The HCG diet food list limits fruits and vegetables to two servings per day

Several vegetables and a few fruits are allowed, but servings are limited to two per day. The

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servings can be eaten throughout the day rather than at two meals, and the servings can also be split up into smaller portions if necessary. However, they cannot be mixed, for instance two vegetables cannot be mixed in one meal; they have to be eaten at separate meals. Although vegetables and fruits cannot be mixed on the diet, there are a wide range of allowed vegetables. Fruits are limited to low glycemic index choices that won’t interfere with the weight loss on the diet, and so there are a smaller number of allowed fruits.

Low fat protein is allowed on the list

The list also includes low fat protein choices such as several types of white fish, lobster, crab, several types of red meat including cube steak, very lean beef, sirloin tip steak, bison, chicken breast, and veal. The protein choices are all low fat in order to avoid any problems with HCG hormone interference, since the hormone specifically targets abnormal fat and can be affected by dietary fat intake. Depending on the HCG protocol other proteins may be allowed, but the most effective diet suse the recommendations of Dr. Simeons. As with the other foods on the diet, the protein choices are limited but there are plenty of options for just a three week or six week period.

The food list is only for Phase 2

The shorter list is only for the very low calorie diet of Phase 2; once the very low calorie diet has been completed many of the restrictions are lifted. For Phase 3 most fruits, vegetables and protein choices are allowed, so there is technically no specific list for this phase. Also, HCG injections are not used during Phase 3 so there are no concerns of interactions with the hormone. However, during Phase 3 fruits and vegetables that are high in starch or sugar are avoided, and likewise grains and foods with refined sugar are still avoided. So although there are fewer restrictions, there are some foods that are excluded from Phase 3 based on their glycemic index or sugar content.

The list of allowed foods will vary from one provider to another

With several HCG protocols being published by different providers, there are several different lists that you might encounter online. Any diet that is not based on the Dr. Simeons protocol is not likely to be accurate, so you should only purchase injections or any HCG products from a provider that uses Dr. Simeons’ recommendations. Dr. Simeons only allows foods that are well-researched and known to not interfere with the function of the hormone. You should also only purchase HCG from a provider that requires a prescription and has medical professionals available to consult with you about the diet’s requirements and answer your questions. Check out the authority on the HCG Diet Protocol and food list at this link.

How Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is Used in Weight Loss

hcg Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone produced in pregnancy that ensures that the developing embryo is nourished and also regulates metabolism and hormone production for the mother. HCG is regularly used to test for pregnancy and it is also used in a few different fertility treatments. This hormone is one of several critical pregnancy hormones, but it has a unique ability to assist with fat metabolism for both sexes, and this ability was found by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons during clinical trials in the 1950s and 1960s. His protocol for using the hormone was detailed in “Pounds and Inches” and is still the major protocol used today for the diet. Pregnant women naturally consume excess calories once pregnancy starts so that they have higher reserve fat levels for the developing embryo. This is important because the developing embryo is threatened if there is any point in time where there is an energy deficiency. Human chorionic gonadotropin increases the production of progesterone which protects the integrity of the endometrial lining and ensures that the developing embryo gets enough nourishment during the early phases of the pregnancy when the mother may not be aware that she is pregnant.

HCG metabolizes fat for both women and men

In non-pregnant women and men, human chorionic gonadotropin is an effective hormone supplement for fat

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loss when injected in small quantities each day and combined with a very low calorie diet. HCG injections are no more than 150 to 200 IU per day, which is a small quantity compared to the amount of HCG produced in pregnant women, which totals hundreds of thousands of IU throughout the pregnancy. The hormone works by making excess fat accessible for metabolism, when normally this fat is resilient to be metabolized with the majority of other diets. When combined with a very low calorie diet with select foods, the hormone helps reduce abnormal fat levels by up to 40 or more pounds in six weeks. The human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is combined with an HCG diet meal plan that limits calories to just 500-550 per day, and the diet lasts for three weeks or six weeks, depending on how much weight needs to be lost. Generally, if 5 to 15 pounds need to be lost, the three week protocol is followed, and if more than 15 pounds need to be lost the six week protocol is used. The hormone has the same metabolic effect for both men and women, and up to 45 pounds or more total can be lost on the six week HCG diet plan. If necessary, the diet can be repeated after SAGE Truck dmv practice test Corporate Office4242 Carlisle Pike, Suite 177800-761-3931Transportation is a major industry, and trucking a major industry component. a waiting period of three weeks following Phase 3, or the maintenance phase.

Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone is available in several medication forms

The hormone is available in several different medication forms including an injectable form, drops and pellets. The injectable form of the hormone is the most popular and well-studied, and it is widely used for the HCG diet. The drops are also very popular because of their convenience. Injections can be administered at home without the supervision of a medical professional, but most patients will need to be consulted on how to do this prior to starting the diet. HCG injections

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are normally at a daily amount of 150 to 200 IU per day, but the dosage may be adjusted for some patients. Injections must be refrigerated after it has been mixed with sterile water, and generally it is shipped unmixed. The drops must also be mixed but they are easier to administer than the injections. Blood levels of human chorionic gonadotropin increase the fastest when the hormone is injected, and in clinical studies the hormone is usually injected. However, the drops and pellets also increase blood levels of HCG, and the drops are dispensed under the tongue for the fastest absorption. HCG pellets do not need refrigeration and are usually given at a higher dosage because

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the absorption is lower than the injections. All three forms of human chorionic gonadotropin are effective as a dietary supplement, and dieters everywhere can buy HCG drops, injections and pellets and use them without issues as long as they are purchased form a reputable provider. Definitely check out this link for more on Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

How to Treat Your Migraine?

alternative-treatments-headaches-migraines Migraine is a very painful problem, which can make a person feel debilitation and lots of pain. There are several people around the world, which are going through the problem of migraine. When these people get a migraine attack, they cannot do the normal things that other people can do. As it is a very painful problem, it does not mean that it Windows 8.1 Professional Key can’t be treated. There are several types of remedies that can be done while staying at home and can remove your problem of migraine. Take Proper Rest Rest is

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best for any kind of problem. When it comes about migraine, getting a good sleep can be very effective. Regular changes in sleep, loads of

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work and several other things are the major causes that trigger migraine. By keeping a good schedule of sleep can save you from getting migraine attack. Make sure that you are getting up early and sleeping at time. Apart from that, remember that there should be no light in the room to distract you from sleeping. Sometimes lights can be the reason of your migraine attack. Take Some Caffeine Taking lots of caffeine is not good for health but taking it in some extent can be sometimes beneficial. If you are having painful headache, a little Windows 8 Professional Key bit of caffeine can be stress reliever. Recent

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studies on migraine have proved that having a cup of coffee in a day can be the best remedy to remove it permanently. But make sure that you are not taking it in large amount unless it can lead to more complicated problems. Eat Your Food on Time The people who have problem of migraine should not skip their meals as it can be the reason of migraine attack. Make sure that you are eating at three times a day. Apart from that, if you get chance, you can make a schedule, where you can have several small meals. Apart from that, remember the foods that you are eating. There are some foods that are the reasons of migraine attack.Princess Wedding Dresses Store For example, chocolate and wine are the reason of a migraine attack. Make sure that the foods that can be the reason of migraine attack,

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are not the part of your daily routine. Treat with Ice If you have heavy headache, then you can treat it with ice. You can use it as ice packs or can relieve it with ice water. In the case of

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ice packs, just lie down and keep an ice pack on your head. While doing this just close your eyes and lie for several minutes. Apart from that, you can soak your hands in ice water for some minutes. Take A Bath Keeping your body cool can be pretty helpful. While having headache that can lead to migraine attack, you can have a bath. Make sure that while you are taking, the light is switched off. Don’t let your brain thinking about anything else. Just try to cool down and stay in the shower for a long time.Red Prom Dresses

How To Meditate Without An Instructor?


Meditation is the solution of several problems, whether they are physical or mental. It not only helps you to focus on your goals but also make you feel calm in various difficult situations of life. Mediation is not an easy task! It needs proper training, a trainer and a mind that can concentrate for some time on a single thing. Meditation without the guidance of a trainer is never been an easy task. But still, there are several people around the world, which perform effective meditation in their daily routine. There are some steps that can help you to meditate even when there is no one to teach you

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the essential lessons of meditation. Follow the tips and make your life happy and healthy.

Meditate When You Are Prepared For It

Meditation is not a pre-planned process. You can’t say that at 7 AM or at 6

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PM, you will start your meditation; you can perform it, when you actually want to do. Apart from that, most of the beginners make mistakes by assuming that all the meditation has same purpose and same goal. This is a huge misunderstanding as meditation has several purpose and several aims, which includes calmness, generation of energy and healing. Before enrolling in the task, you have to ask yourself the purpose of meditation.

Gather Some Information

There are several ways to know how to do meditation. As the exercise has become very usual in these days, so it is very to find about meditation on internet! There would be lots of videos, articles and other stuffs that may tell you how to perform meditation. It can help you to find the essential information about meditation and its related

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sectors. Remember that before enrolling in the task, it is important to search the techniques and benefits of the meditation. Without a purpose, it is useless to perform meditation.

Give Yourself Time

Meditation needs time! There are lots of people around the globe, who don’t give time to themselves for meditation. The best time for meditation is early or evening. You have to spare some time from these sections to enrol in the activity.

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While doing so, make sure that you are choosing a peaceful time to meditate and there is no hustle and bustle around you. If you are a beginner, 10 to 15 minutes are enough to meditate, while on the other side,

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if you are meditation from some time then you can enhance the time up to 30 to 45 minutes.

Find A perfect Place

It is essential that you are meditating is peaceful place. It should be somewhere you feel good and safe.


There must be quite all around. Remember that if you are at a noisy place, then there would be no benefit of performing meditation. It would be just a waste of time. If there is great weather, you can go to a garden and perform meditation there. There is no great place than a garden.

Hair Myths You Should Not Believe

closeup-hair-trim In today world, where we have to deal with polluted atmosphere and dust, our hairs have to face these too.Mother of the Bride Dresses Every day, they have to deal with new challenges, due to which it becomes Office Project Clé difficult to keep them shinning for all the day. There are several people around the world who believe in hair myths. To keep your hair string

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and shinning, you should not believe these myths. Some of the myths are: Cutting Hair Helps them to Grow Faster There are lots of people around the world think that if they will cut some extent of hairs, their hair will grow faster but in reality, it’s just a myth as there are no possibilities that your hair will grow after cutting them. Trimming hair doesn’t affect their growth. But still several hair experts suggest hair trimming after every six to eight months because it makes them fuller. If you pluck a white hair, several will take its place This myth begins because people have experienced prom dresses online shop the same, when they pluck their one white hair, it was being replaced by a bunch of white hairs. It happens because if you pluck too much hair in one time, they will become weaker and stop growing.

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Shampoo Makes Hair Shed If your hairs have started fallen, it’s not your shower problem. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Key People believe that shampoo makes hair shed, but it’s the biggest myth that we have ever noticed. Believe, it’s not your shower or shampoo, it’s the

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stress that makes situation worse for your hairs. Windows 7 Professional SP1 Key

They so. It AND

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Code There are possibilities that you may have stress in your head due to which you may be facing the problem of hair falling. Brushing More and More Makes Your Hair Healthier People still believe that brushing hair hundred times a day makes them stronger and healthier, but that’s not right. In fact brushing them many a times in a day will make them weaker and may do more harm to them. According to hair expert, combing hairs so much time can damage the cuticle of the hairs. Colouring Hair is Unhealthy Yes, bleaching is the worst way to make your hairs coloured, but not all types of bleaching is harmful.Rosetta Stone プロダクトキー It is true that removing colours from hairs make them wedding dresses online shop lead4pass thinner, but it also plumps up your strands and makes your hairs to look thicker. So, it is actually fine to colour your hairs till they are going darker. Till then you should not worry about their health. Pregnant Women Should Not Dye Their Hair So, there are still some people who think that if a pregnant woman will dye her hairs while she is pregnant, she will have major chances of absorbed into the scalp. In actual, the risk is associated with inhaling ammonia. But the level of ammonia is very low if someone goes to salon. Here, someone should not prefer the natural route and must consult with the hair expert in the case of dyeing her hair in pregnancy.Plus Size Prom Dresses UK